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Los Angeles October 28 — On October 23 the Sleepy Lagoon case was dismissed in the Superior Court of LosAngeles by Judge Clement D. Nye on the motion of Deputy District Attorney John Barnes. All charges against the boys were dropped, their records cleared.

Two hours later a crowd of more than 250 people - friends and relatives - greeted the eight boys who were realesed from the County Jail with a joyful demonstration that lasted for more than an hour. Present also were the four boys who had previously been released on parole.

The case was reversed by the Second District Court of Appeal on Oct 4 in a unanimous decision which stated that the trial of the boys had been conducted in a biased manner by the trial Judge, Charles W. Fricke; that the constitutional rights of the boys had been violated; and that there was no evidence that any of the boys were connected in any way with the death of Jose Diaz.

Shown in the picture are:

Seated - Ben Margolis attorney who was in charge of the appeal action.

Standing, left to right — Henry Leyvas, Angel Padilla, Bobby Telles, John Matuz, Gus Zamora, Jack Melendez, Henry Ynostroza, Alice Greenfield - Executive Secretary of the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee - Victor Thompson, Chepe Ruiz and Ysmael Parra. Not shown are Manuel Delgado and Manuel Reyes who were working at the time. Leyvas and Ruiz and Telles are the three who had been convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. The others had been convicted of 2nd degree murder and given sentences of from 5 years to life.