Letter December 27, 1982

December 27, 1982

Dear Mr. Hawkins,

I have enclosed an article from a local newspaper about reparations for treatment of people by the United States government.

If you and others allow this to take place without asking for more, or the same for Black Americans, I would think that you were irresponsible.

Look at the plight of our people, we were literally kidnapped from our mother land, plus the fact that we lost out birth rights. (last names). We can still see the scars of slavery, bigotry, racial discrimination which de-humanized many of our people. We provided free labor to this country for more than one hundred years. What did we get for it?

The Japanese keep reminding our government about their mistreatment.

The Jews remind our conscience of Nazi Germany.
The Armenians talks about treatment from the Turks.
It's about time we remind American conscience about slavery and look what its done. "Open your eyes its all around us." A large segment of our people are still unable to function. There are not enough reparations to ever pay for those damages.

Leroy Patterson
c.c. 10 other Black Associations & Representatives