Fee Schedule Committee Report

This committee is made up of Judy Taylor, Herb Willsmore, Peter Leech, and Jon Baker. The committee met on July 29, 1974 and broke down into components the services that could be charged for and how these charges would be handled.


Attendant/Reader—No Charge

General Counseling (including housing, advocacy, referral, and follow-up)—No Charge

Psychological Counseling—charge when 3rd Party Billing can be arranged


  1. Charge nominal fee with a $1.00 ceiling
  2. Use federal money
  3. Collect non-manditory donations from passengers

Mobility Instruction—NoCharge

Wheelchair Repair (household modification, et al.)— Charge through 3rd Party or charge at cost those with $12,000/yr. or more income-wheelchair repair secretary would keep client records for that service.

However, even if you have a $12,000/yr. income you could still go broke on wheelchair repair. Perhaps an insurance plan with a yearly fee or billing people expecting to receive only a small portion of the bill would be possible.

Communications—by subscription or request. Continue charging for Stigma tapes.

The general feeling of the Fee Schedule Committee is to get rid of eligibility forms if at all possible. It would behoove CIL to make a strong statement that it does not approve

of the strings attatched to the county money. Perhaps the client history form could suffice as an eligibility form.