DATE May 2, 1975

TO Fire Prevention Office
FROM Capt. Carpenter
SUBJECT: Invalids in Apts.

On the following dates 3 Engine Co. responded to 2540 College to give assistance to an invalid. Feb. 3-16-17 in the am. Feb. 17 in the pm. also in March 6-19..

The reason we had to assist the invalid was the elevator was out of service. Because of the seriousness of the problem of invalids, these people should not be in apt. bldgs. which has only one elevator.

In our situation at 2640 College it took three men to take this man from the building. It was a very difficult job, and we completely blocked the stairway for serveral minutes. If there was actually a fire there also many minutes would be lost befor we could attack the fire.

Capt. G.L. Carpenter