May 4, 1944

Chepe Ruiz Box 69497
San Quentin Calif.

Dearest Alice

Received your letter today. it [sic] was good to hear from you again as your letters are always a ray of sunshine in my heart. it [sic] makes me feel good to know we have so many friends.

Yes we are all nervous and excited over the out come of our appeal. but [sic] what ever it is we know its better to let it stay at that. I have done a lot of thinking lately and have decited [sic] to let it go if we lose its more than wright [sic] to my folks and friend. I hope you will try to understand as im [sic] try to be as sincer [sic] as I can. it hurts me to know that if we lose ill [sic] have to do about ten or fifteen years but I got in this and I might as well take it like a man. Yes Alice thats [sic] the way I look at it. I may be wrong but we all make mistakes. I have asked Ben one thing as I won't ask him any more. that is if he will be kind enough and file a rite [sic] of hubeas [sic] cropus [sic] asking the judges if they will Grant me to go and hear the argueing [sic]. You see Alice I don't do it just for myself. I do it so as I can see my mother otherwise I won't get to see her for a long time, you understand that, don't you? Well Alice ill [sic] close as always your friend.

Chepe Ruiz
PS what happen to the picture you and bela were going to sent [sic]?