Victor R. Thompson

Box 69498
San Quentin, Calif

Dear Alice,

You said you wanted to receive [sic] letters from us guys, so I thought I would write you a few lines, do you mind? Say what's the name of that chick from U.C.L.A.? I forgot. How about a picture of her? and say; can you get any pictures of some other chicks for me? You know I like to draw, but I haven't any one too [sic] draw. You know I would really appreciate it if you could get some, and you must know some fine chicks!! I drew your picture, and it came out sharp, may be you can have it sometime. Do you ever hear from Mr. Shibly, if so, tell hello for me, and for him too [sic] hurry up and win the war. If winning the war was based on speeches, he would be the winner every time. You know I still can't get over the fine speech he made at our trial, every now and then, parts of it come to my mind and I try to summarize it, it was sure swell. Well Alice, I guess your [sic] tired of this boring letter by now so I'll close, hoping you can get some pictures for me and tell some chicks to write too [sic] me, any one will do.

Sincerly [sic] yours,