Fourth Quarter Report June 1 through August 31, 1974

October 3, 1974

A Volume of Services

During the 4th quarter of operation of the Center for Independent Living Services Project funded by the City of Berkeley, a number of direct services were provided to disabled and blind people within the target area. Services included placement of trained attendants and readers, transportation, help in locating suitable housing, informed referral, advocacy as necessary, mobility training for the blind, wheelchair repair, and general counseling. The following chart displays the number of times each service was provided during the 4th quarter.

Attendant-reader placement  25  36  25  86 
Transportation  162  289  251  702 
Advocacy  57  48  55  160 
Referral  12  14  30  56 
Housing  15 
Mobility Training  17 
Wheelchair repair  29  50  62  141 
Counseling[*]  15  15 
Other  27  27  62 
TOTAL  298  475  481  1254 

B Problems in Service Delivery

1) The biggest problem during the fourth quarter was a lack of adequate communication between the various segments of the CIL. There were communication gaps within the staff as well as between the Executive Director and the Board, all of which were aggravated by the fairly rapid increase in the number of employees and their workload over the last three months. A special Board meeting was called for September 9 to confront this problem and to set up mechanisms to eliminate it. A planning committee was formulated to help work on these communication problems, along with making long and short range recommendations for priorities and goals of CIL programs. In addition, the Board is in the process of drawing up by-law changes centering around the Executive Director and other offices within the Board's structure. It is hoped that the combination of approaches will provide for improved understanding and communication between the various segments of the CIL during the upcoming year.


2) Also during this past quarter it became necessary to hire a new driver for the CIL transportation service. The old driver did not have an adequate driving record and it was causing problems with the van insurance. The new driver has now been hired and, as he is a minority person, indicates that the CIL affirmative action program is being carried out.

C Volunteers

Participation by volunteers during the past three months varied considerably from week to week, as summer vacation plans took several people out of town for varying periods. During June there were four people volunteering for about 60 hours, while in July and August there were seven people. In July, the seven worked about 156 hours, but only about 68 hours during August. Again, as in previous quarters, the activities were in diverse areas, from crisis counseling and outreach to secretarial work. Volunteers will be encouraged again, in the upcoming year, to contribute to the CIL.