Victor R. Thompson

Box 69498
San Quentin Calif.

Dear Alice

I hope I'm not bothering you, by writing to you again, but I will be very brief. I seen the picture of "Ann Sheridan" which them guys recieved [sic] and I thought maybe you could get me a picture of some chick! I don't care if it is a picture of "Frankenstiens" [sic] mama just so I can have one to put in my awfully bare Album. I know you can angle around and get one so do that for me will you?

I'll tell you what I would rather have!!! An enlarged photo of you, that would be really solid, could that be arranged more better? Have you seen Lorena yet? if so don't forget. Well, you are probably busy so I wont [sic] keep you any longer. Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and I remain,

As Always; Yours,