To: CIL Board Of Directors

From: Development Office
Re: November Report 11-29-76

  • 1. Friends Of CIL
    • -New charter members (in response to letter): John Velton, J.A. Carrera (VP of Bank Of America), Susan O'Hara,
    • -Mass mailing for Friends membership will start this week
  • 2. Work with individual Friends Of CIL
    • -Met with Pat McCormick, head writer of Johnny Carson show. Has agreed to lend name to Friends and to be on PR advisory Board. Will meet with us whenever we go to LA or when he comes to Bay Area.
    • -Met with Vincent Francis. Offered advice on PR Advisory Board. Wants to spend a week at CIL to learn more about the organization and to plan how to draw in more influential people in the Bay area, and to meet with PR advisory Board. He is trying to locate a good corporate lawyer that can offer CIL free consultation on tax shelters and who can assist us on developing plans to offer tax shelters through donations to CIL.
    • -PR Advisory Board: Met with Richard Pisani and Lou Levin, and staff of Levin Publishing Co. They are consulting on Independent layout and obtaining ads. Are meeting again on Wed. Dec 1. Also interested in making contact with wealthy San Franciscans, eg. the Haas family, to lend support to CIL.
    • -Pisani will print free of charge 2500 CIL envelopes and CIL stationery.
    • -Met with Joe Thierren, Cunningham and Walsh Advertising Agency. Will talk with Media Director of his agency (the media director has considerable contacts with tv, radion and newspapers) to find out the possibility of increasing media coverage about CIL.
  • 3. Benefit Drawing
    • -Approximately 23,000 tickets have been distributed.
    • -Letters with tickets enclosed have been mailded to disabled student programs at State Colleges and Universities (in Ca.)
    • -Letters with tickets have been mailed to about 30 Northern Ca. programs and agencies that have worked with CIL.
    • -Peter Trier spoke before the Council of Fraternities and Sororities at UC Berkeley about possible support for CIL. Two representatives from one sorority came to CIL - picked up 150 tickets to sell.
  • 4. Work in Berkeley Business Community
    • -Met with Marvin Calvert and Jack Foley, both on the Board of Directors of the Visiting Nurses Association. Both businessmen in
      Berkeley. Will approach Wally Johnson and other wealthy individuals about purchase of CIL's building.
  • 5. Donations
    • -Received $100 from the Berkeley Clinic Auxiliary (in response to a request submitted by the Dev. Office).
    • -Received donations from private individuals who saw Channel 5 Broadcast about Willy Hendrix. CIL staff answered all phone calls, and coordinated donations and wheelchair purchase. Willy received funds to purchase wheelchair, so he turned some of the donations over to CIL.
  • 5. Corporate Support
    • -Submitted proposals to 5 corporations requesting support toward meeting rent costs. These proposals were submitted after discussion with representatives from each corporation concerning CIL's need, but it is too early to project the timing or the amount of incoming funds. (The total of all requests is $25,000). Development Office will submit additional proposals to corporations in the upcoming month.
  • 6. Political work (re fundraising)
    • -Met with John George. Wants representatives from CIL to serve on his committees: Economic Development and Land Use, Social Services, Labor Relations, Law & Justice, Health Advisory.
    • -Met with Mike Gleason, Albany City Council Member (former mayor of Albany). We will submit proposal to City of Albany, by December 3, for $5,000 toward general operating expenses from Albany. Also can assist is helping CIL to obtain more CETA positions for Bus. Enterprises. Will also explore the possibility of capital funds from Business Enterprises from government money available through CETA-related sources.
    • -Met with John Barr, from State Department of Health, and a federal and state architects who visited CIL to explore potential of Hill-Burton and/or California mortagate to purchase facility. We will receive formal evaluation within two weeks of this facility. Encouraged CIL to look at other possible sites. Dev. Office is investigating possible locations with City of Berkeley, Herrick Hospital, Bank Of America.
    • -Met with Warren Widener. Discussed CIL's various financial needs. Suggested methods to use in approaching City of Berkeley (as well as other funding sources). Discussed CDRS proposal
    • -Met with member of Nick Petris' office (State Senator). Explore possibility of line-item funding.
  • 10. Public relations - media coverage
    • -Paul Bendix is not a paid member of CIL staff - left CIL on November 5. However Paul will continue to help us on arranging tv presentations, and assist us in making contacts to media representatives.
    • -KGO-Bay Scene came to CIL on 11-22 to film a show. This show will air on Christmas evening (while they interviewed representatives from CIL and learned about CIL programs, it is a show on disability).

    • 3
    • -Ben Williams, Channel 5, came to CIL to do a followup story on Willy Hendrix. Plans to do a longer piece on CIL.
    • -Newsweek-Met with Bill Cook, SF Representative for Newsweek on 11-24. Newsweek plans to do story on the independent living movement. Interested in including info about CIL. Can contact him in future about possible stories.
    • -Two representatives from CIL will appear on Channel 26, Cable TV, tomorrow Nov. 30.
    • -Daily Cal is doing story on CIL - nature of the program and the financial structure and needs of the program
    • -KPFA, "Before the News" will do a taped interview with Judy Heumann on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 5pm.
  • 11. Speaking engagements
    • -Spoke at Berkeley Lions Club on 11-18. Submitted request to the Lions Club for $500.


Revenues raised: 11-1-76 to 11-29-76

    Revenues raised: 11-1-76 to 11-29-76
  • $913.36
  •     Donations
  • 750.96
  •     Drawing
  • 466.75
  •     Willy Hendrix
  • 241.16
  •     Halloween Fundraiser
  • 84.00
  •     Film Showings
  • $1705.27
  •     Total