Board of Directors Meeting January 27th, 1975 Agenda

Time and Place of Meeting: Monday, January 27th, 1975 at 7:30p.m. in the Meeting Room of the CIL.

Minutes of the last regular Board meeting to be read and approved.


  1. There will be a special election tonight to fill Judy Heumann's seat on the Board.
  2. January is membership renewal month. Renew your membership so that you can run and/or vote in the next Board election.
  3. The next regular Board Election will be held after the Board meeting on Monday, February 24th, 1975. Applications for the election must be handed in by January 27th, 1975. The seats that are available are those of John Hessler, Jan McEwen, and Dick Santos.
  4. Personnel Policy Committee
  5. Waivers for the October 28, 1974 regular Board meeting are still needed from Judy Heumann, Maria Albanesi, and John Hessler. Waivers for the November 25, 1974 regular Board meeting are needed from Judy Heumann, and Debbie Kaplan.

Old Business:

    Old Business:
  1. National Training proposal to be discussed.
  2. Cowell Project
  3. Executive Director's Report
    • a. R&D Proposal
    • b. staffing of current and new projects
    • c. new facility