Board of Directors Meeting February 24th, 1975 Agenda

Time and Place of Meeting: The regular Board meeting will be held on Monday, February 24th, 1975 at 7:30pm at the First Congregational Church on Dana St. between Durant Ave. and Channing Way in Berkeley. The Membership meeting will follow the Board meeting and will begin at 9:00pm.

Minutes of the last regular Board meeting to be read and approved.

Due to the shortness of the regular Board meeting, there will be a brief agenda.


  1. There will be a Special Board meeting on Monday, March 3, 1975 to discuss the possibility of incorporating Casa de Alma and the Living Skills Center under the auspices of the Center for Independent Living.
  2. Appoint a president of the membership meeting.

Old Business:

    Old Business:
  1. Personnel Committee Report
  2. Ombudsman's report on staff meetings pertaining to grievances brought up at the last regular Board meeting.
  3. Executive Director's Report
    • a. R&D project
    • b. IBM project
    • c. Student residence situation
    • d. Transportation proposal
    • e. CIL facility
    • f. Other CIL programs

New Business:

    New Business:
  1. Would like the Board to approve a motion that would eliminate equipment-type proposals from requiring Board approval.