Board of Directors Meeting
September 30th, 1974

The minutes from the August 26th Board meeting to be read and approved.


  1. CIL received $150 and four or five typewriters from IBM.
  2. Rehab Conference in Sacramento—October 9, 10, and 11. It seems there will be an added panel on sexuality and the disabled.
  3. NRA Conference comming up later in October.
  4. Tonight is the last night to turn in your applications for the Board of Directors. The election is on October 28th.

Old Business:

    Old Business:
  1. There will be no Health Committee, Information Committee or By-Law Committee reports.
  2. Jan McEwen is going to be on the Proposal Review Committee in place of Dick Santos.
  3. Executive Director's Report
    • a. Research Project
    • b. SF HEW Project
    • c. SF Foundation
  4. By-Law Changes
  5. Planning Committee Report
  6. Election Committee Report