Bob Telles

Box 69623
San Quentin Calif.

Hi Alice

Hows [sic] tricks? Well everythings [sic] ok up here some of the cats are cutting out to Chino tomorrow. I hope they like it there and don't mess up! I'm glad they made it even thought I can't go its much better there for them they'll be able to get to see their folks and wife's [sic] and chicks sure glad Smiles is going so he'll be able to see his wife and kid! Well how you been Alice? Well as for me I'm all root Hey Alice knock off that champ stuff I'm not a champ I don't feel like one a [sic] least. Oh about art materials I need some

zinc white oil paint I'm about out thats [sic] all. Well sugar when you coming up and take us on a trip tells us a storie [sic]? Well if you see me [sic] family tell them hi ok? Well tell Miss Joseph and the others hello ok. Getting late got to close now (nite)

As ever