July 26, 1984

Mrs. Carol Casimeen
[personal information removed]

Dear Mrs. Casimeen:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your recent letters concerning the difficulties you have experienced with annoying telephone calls, and the problems you have had in getting the police to come out to your house.

Unfortunately, all too many Americans are annoyed by pranksters playing with the telephones. As it stands now, it is difficult to guard against these telephone calls. Changing one's telephone number is one way to prevent repeated calls by pranksters. However, in that the changing of a telephone number by the phone company is a service, they can require payment regardless of the reasons for changing the number.

To avoid the expense associated with changing your telephone number, you may want to consider contacting the local telephone service representative. The service representative may have a suggestion of ways to minimize annoying telephone calls.

With respect to the problem you have had in getting the police to respond to your calls, again I am sorry to say that you are not alone. As a result of financial cuts in local budgets, local police manpower has been diminished. Therefore police response's to local needs is not what it should be.

In order to turn this situation around it will take the efforts of community people and elected officials. To this end, I have been working to increase federal funds for local police efforts. In addition I will be contacting local officials in our community to try and get them to assign more police resources to our community.

Augustus F. Hawkins
Member of Congress