Center for Independent Living Board of Directors Meeting August 26th, 1974 Minutes

Board Members Present: John Hessler, Jon Baker, Dick Santos, Chuck Cole, Jan McEwen, Phil Draper, Maria Albanesi.

Others: Don Berry, Camille Plunkett, Bill MacGregor, Don Galloway, Ed Roberts.


  • John Hessler—No
  • Maria Albanesi—No
  • Dick Santos—No
  • Jon Baker—Yes
  • Chuck Cole—Yes
  • Jan McEwen—Yes
  • Phil Draper—No


The Board positions of Alice Mc Kennan, Herb Willsmore, and Chuck Cole will be open. Elections will be held on October 28, 1974. Applications for Board membership go to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Judy Heumann has missed 3 consecutive Board meetings. The Chairman would like to waive that portion of the by-laws that asks him to inquire about her absence and deal with it and let her retain her position. CHUCK COLE MOVED THAT WE DO NOT DECLARE JUDY HEUMANN'S POSI TION VACANT AND DO NOT TAKE ANY ACTION ON IT UNTIL SHE HAS BEEN ABSENT FOR 3 ADDITIONAL CONSECUTIVE REGULARLY SCHEDULED BOARD MEETINGS. Jan McEwen seconded. Motion carried.

It's important for all Board members to get in their $2.00 subscriptions for the Independent.

Except for guests, coffee drinkers should pay—5¢ a cup.

Old Business:

The office of Secratary/Treasurer is vacant. The duties of the Sec/Tres are outlined in the by-laws. It's important that the person be readily available to sign checks at any given time. This position is only open until October. John Hessler asked if this position is needed. The Articles of Incorporation call for a responsible fiscal officer. Dick Santos, Don Berry, and Camille Plunkett volunteered. Avote was taken resulting in a tie between Dick Santos and Don Berry. The run-off vote was as follows: Dick Santos-3, Don Berry-4. Don Berry is the interim Sec/Tres.

By-law Committee Report:

Committee members are Chuck Cole, Dick Santos, Hale Zukas, and Phil Draper. The committee is almost finished drawing up Executive Director position and duties.

There will probably be a Special Board meeting on September 9th just to discuss the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director. The committee is also waiting for the Executive Director Evaluating Committee to draw up and submit a report.

Election Committee:

Michael Pachovas, Phil Draper, Jon Baker, Judy Taylor, Dick Santos, Peter Trier. Half the committee was absent. It is important for this committee to meet at least a couple of times before the next Board meeting.

Proposal Review Committee:

John Hessler, Chuck Cole, Dick Santos, Phil Draper. Don Galloway has drawn up a proposal to submit to Model Cities for services and a couple of staff people. The proposal asks for about $24,000, $5,000 of which is indirect costs. Chuck Cole asked if the Board is being sandbagged. Is tomorrow the last day to submit the proposal and we're just being told what's already happened? Don Galloway replied that the proposal has to be

approved tonight or it dies. Funding will be decided tomorrow. In the 5 or 6 months that Don's been here, the first thing he was told to do was to get a Blind Component together. So first he found out about CIL and the needs of the community. Then he began planning how to bring blind people in. He was directed to some potential money from the city. This turned out to be unspent money that OEO had. The city formed a board of agencies in the Model Cities area. Out of that came the New Community Action Program whose chairman is the Mayor of Berkeley. NCAP has delegated authority to Model Cities for evaluation of proposals. Don contacted the Deputy Director of Model Cities and found that he had 3 weeks to prepare and submit a proposal. The proposal was completed the day before it was to go in. Considering the time factor, Don had to go ahead and submit the proposal and then come to the Board for approval. The philosophy of the proposal is to develope independence, plan and direct activities, and do future planning. There is a lack of meaningful blind input at CIL. This proposal calls for an outreach component to bring blind people into CIL, provide emergence transportation, and have blind people serve as consultants—get them to plan services and impliment their plans. There is also a provision for another vehicle, a station wagon, a part-time driver, and an assistant co-ordinator to work on outreach. Consultant money would be used for obtaing legal opinions, using experts, and paying blind people small stipends. The proposed component will also provide direct services when requested, such as Mobility and daily living skills. The proposed Blind Component is intended to bring people into CIL and then expand the scope of the Component.

Chuck Cole is opposed to a proposal that is limited to Berkeley considering our target area. He has no objections to money-raising gambits, but doesn't want to limit the workings of the component to Berkeley. John Hessler mentioned that other organizations had been taken to task in the proposal which can't be done since it might offend the reader of and voter on the proposal. It should also be made clear within the organization that the stationwagon isn't just for blind people but can also serve ambulatory physically disabled people. Since theproposal cannot be rewritten, discomfort with any parts of it will have to be worked out within the organization. Phil Draper mentioned that Ed Roberts should be in on the negotiation of the contract. When the contract is stated it can be brought before theProposal Review Committee. This proposal should have gone before the PRC 2 weeks ago and it was a bit of an oversight that it didn't.

Chuck Cole suggested that the Board approve the proposal reluctantly and inform the writer and his constitutency that the Board expects to guide this project and the use of its money. Dick Santos expressed some discomfort over the proposed vehicle. Don Galloway said that it seemed that the intent of the proposal was misunderstood. The station wagon can be used by the staff, though it is initially meant to bring in more blind people to CIL.



Executive Director's Report:

Ed Roberts, Pete Leech, and Tak Takeda are working on developing a comprehensive system for dealing with the disabled; to coordinate services between organizations. In Alameda county there is no comprehensive rehab system, though according to the county population there should be 2 rehab agencies. They're beginning to think about how CIL can be involved in this. This may result in a model system. Board input is needed and encouraged. Meetings are being held at CIL twice a month. This system concentrates on the severely disabled but should include all disabilities. Interested parties can ask Ed Roberts when the next meeting is. He'll also post the time on the bulletin board.


475 services were provided last month. There was a big jump in transportation and wheelchair repair services. There may be a need for more staff, or more time from the present staff. Dick Santos asked about getting a new driver. There have been 15 applications. Right now Gary Rowan is driving and Ken Houge is doing wheelchair repair from 1-5pm. Interviews for driver will end on August 28. The most likely applicants will be interviewed on August 30, and Ed Roberts will make a final decision. Randy Turley was relieved of his duties on August 15 because he had 6 moving violations in 1971 and the insurance company threatened to take away CIL's insurance. Ed Roberts is hoping to hire a minority person to act on CIL's affermative action policy.

Community Environment:

There is a need for input from West Berkeley on where ramps should be located. Hale Zukas and Don Galloway are likely people to do that.

Hale Zukas is Community Environment Manager but is currently involved in the Research Project. He thinks that he can handle both but there are some Community Environment things that need to be done right away. Hale is also involved with Phil Draper and Dick Santos in working on obstruction of sidewalks. Hale's reassignment was approved because it was felt that Community Environment wouldn't suffer. However, it is. Ed Roberts agreed to talk to Hale Zukas and also urged better internal communication.

The proposed retreat was dropped because of money.

Research Project:

The Urban Institute is sending someone out to help resolve issues. The progress of the Project is very good. The Microfiche reader is in place. The Urban Institute has provided additional money for a reader. Ed is really pleased with the people on the project. There may be a need for a consultant on the deaf. Ed is going to bill UI soon for staff salaries.[*]

County Budget:

There was a mistake in transcribing the amount of the budget increase. A 5.9% increase was recorded instead of a 10% increase, which could have meant a loss of about $3,000.

Tomorrow morning the county votes on new proposals and over & above money. Ed Roberts and Hale Zukas are going over on BART.

The county negotiations went remarkably well. The county doesn't even want to bother dealing with CIL on a fee for service basis. The county has figured out how to get around the eligibility form. CIL can now send the county a list of new clients. The county will check off those who are on aid and send the names of the others back. There is no penalty for serving clients who aren't on aid. As a result, the client history form can be used more extensively, and better records kept on clients.


Over-all Budgets:

City of Berkeley

    City of Berkeley
  • 1. Rent & Parking
    • a. Budgeted—$5050.00
    • b. Spent——$5166.70
    • c. Over——$ 116.70
  • 2. Telephones
    • a. Budgeted—$2400.00
    • b. Spent——$2185.27
    • c. Over——$ 100.00
  • 3. Utilities
    • a. Budgeted—$ 70.00
    • b. Spent——$ 79.76
    • c. Over——$ 9.76
  • 4. Maintainence
    • a. Budgeted—$ 100.00
    • b. Spent——$ 97.00
    • c. Over——$ 3.00
  • 5. Insurance
    • a. Budgeted——$ 900.00
    • b. Spent——$ 716.23
    • c. Over——$ approx. $0.00 since added van insurance figure is not available.
  • 6. Modifications
    • a. budgeted——$1000.00
    • b. Spent——$ 789.56
    • c. Over——$ 210.44
  • 7. Office Equipment
    • a. Budgeted—$1940.00
    • b. Spent——$1475.12
    • c. Over——$ 464.88
  • 8. Miscellaneous
    • a. Budgeted—$ 300.00
    • b. Spent——$ 300. 00 approx. (Van painting & moving expenses)
    • c. Over——O.K.
  • 9. Office Supplies, Duplication, Postage
    • a. Budgeted—$3240.00
    • b. Spent——$3193.34
    • c. Over——$ 400.00-$500.00

OVERS—$680.00 approx.


Ergo: We will spend almost every cent of the City of Berkeley grant.


Conference Expenses (Model Hearings)

    Conference Expenses (Model Hearings)
  • 1. Bob Metts (Consultant)
  •     $100.00
  • 2. Harvey Shapiro (Travel Expenses)
  •     296.00
  • 3. Michael Pachovas (Testifying Stipend)
  •     50.00
  • 4. Travelodge (Expenses)
  •     227.36
  • 5. Linda S. Pransky (Transcripts)
  •     926.00
  • 6. Fisherman's Grotto (Expenses)
  •     118.32
  • 7. Berkeley Mimeograph (Duplication)
  •     4.26
  • 8. Camille Plunkett (Typing Conference)
  •     75.00
  • 9. William J. McGregor (Postage)
  •     16.89
  • 10. Linda S. Pransky (Duplication)
  •     146.10
  • 11. Judy Heumann (Testifying Stipend)
  •     50.00
  • 12. Ed Roberts (Expenses)
  •     73.59
  • Total
  •     $2,083.52
  • Anticipated Income
  •     $5900.00
  • Additional Expenses
  •     ?
  • County Of Alameda Budget:
  •     $34,761.00
  • Spent as of July 31,1974
  •     $25,843.04
  • Remainder
  •     $ 8917.96 (can be spent in August)


Certain line item changes in both the fringe benefit catagory ans personel catagory, such as vacation relief pay, plus a large order for Wheelchair Repair Shop loaner parts should enable us to spend most of this money. Since line item changes will require the approval of the Liason Officer, Neil Clark, we will talk with him tomorrow after Ed Roberts meeets with the Board of Supervisors.

  • Projected August Expenditures
  •     $7,750.00
  • a. Personnel
  •     $6,000.00
  • b. Newsletter
  •     $ 450.00
  • c. Wheelchair Shop
  •     $1,225.00
  • d. Transportation
  •     $ 775.00
  • Van Budget:
  •     $11,800.00
  • Spent
  •     $ 7,500.00
  • Left
  •     $ 4,300.00

The $4300 is presently being used as a cash flow source, but will be available when needed. I understand there might be a modest cost overrun, but I can't quote any figures.


San Francisco Budget: $30,000.00

All is O.K. except that we are not spending all the R.E.D. money and fringe benefit money. They are pretty liberal and surely will approve line item changes which will enable us to spend this money (app. $200.00). We have no problems here.

  • Study Budget:
  •     $31,000
  • Rec'd
  •     $ 2,000 advance

Known Salaries:

    Known Salaries:
  • Russel Anderson (Full)
  •     $2,500.00 ($843.00/mo.)
  • Susan B. Shapiro (Full)
  •     $2,000.00 ($666.00/mo.)
  • Lucy Whyte (Full)
  •     $2,000.00 ($666.00/mo.)
  • Sid Fry (Full)
  •     $2,000.00 (amortized over 7 month period)

In Negotiation Process:

    In Negotiation Process:
  • Hale Zukas
  •     $2500
  • Gwen Hinkle
  •     $2500
  • Gordon Lewis
  • Clement Oishi
  • E Roberts
  •     (?)
  • Jane Friedland
  •     (?)

App. $23,000 personnel. More complete information will be available at the next Board meeting, since Ed Roberts is meeting with representatives from the Urban Institute Saturday to discuss method of payment.

Already Budgeted:

    Already Budgeted:
  • 1. Rent
  •     $525
  • 2. Furniture Std
  •     $288
  • 3. Telephone Std
  •     $ 0
  • 4. Microfiche Reader
  •     $138
  • 5. Reader
  •     $250
  • Total
  •     $1200

Randy Turley, Paul McBride, Frank Puchio are on the insurance company list as drivers. Ed Rberts needs to get a hold of Barbara Davis to get Chuck Cole on the list and also to find out how much it would cost to increase the number of drivers on the list.

The Lion's Club might donate some money for the Van Radio or a loaner electric wheelchair due to a small proposal written by Phil Draper.

Ed Roberts talked to Richard N. Goldman who is with a big insurance company in San Francisco about getting together a group health plan for CIL.

The Volkswagen is being run on an emergency basis.

The PUC regulations consider the Transportation Service as a Charter Party Carrier. There is a need to start charging fares, and may be possible that under the Charter Party Carrier regulations

the charge may have to be more that public transit. Chuck Cole wants to go into the PUC with AC Transit and MTC backing as a unit in the Last Bay Transit System. A Charter Party Carrier can only recover its costs from users without any subsidies. Also, under the Charter Party Carrier regulations, semi-scheduled regular service can't be instituted.

Phil Draper would like to create a Planning or Budget Committee to make recommendations to Ed Roberts on priorities for funding. This committee would also work on ways to work out budgets and how to hold within them and know just where the money is going. Phil would also like to see a moratorium on spending outside budgets until this committee meets. The Planning Committee consists of John Hessler, Chuck Cole, Dick Santos, Phil Draper, Bill McGregor, and Ed Roberts. Chuck Cole will serve on the condition that the next meeting of the By-law Committee be his last, but Phil Draper reserves the right to call on his expertise.

Ed Roberts needs help on priorities for a funding strategy from the Board. Kate Casey who used to work for Ilona Hancock is working with Ed. Phil Draper recommends that money to pay Kate Casey be written into the proposal.

Bill McGregor has to have a line item budget for Alameda County along with a preliminary budget from the Planning Committee.

Awareness Day has been moved up to November. The next planning meeting is August 28.

Health Committee: The Disabled Health Clinic at Herrick—$20,000 budget of UBAC money has been drawn up by the Budget Committee with the Clinic to continue being held every other Friday.

Information Committee: The committee members are Pete Leech, Ed Roberts, Debbie Kaplan, and Don Berry.

---Meeting Adjourned---