City Council
Los Angeles, California

Dear Councilmen:

Could it happen in America? The pictures in our daily papers yesterday and the ones we saw on our television today gave the answer to the above question and opened the eyes and shattered the dreams, hopes, and faith in a country where home owners felt that only the ommipotent [sic] power would be able to turn our homes into a shamble.

When I saw the police of your city seize the poor home owners and bodily remove them from their property; I looked for the swastika on their sleeves because I couldn't believe it could happen in America.

I feel that Los Angeles has lost far more than she can ever gain by this un-American act. And that the Dogers' future will not be very bright.

We can not get the spirit of patriotism by lifting our hands in praise to the freedom of the land and keep our foot on the throat of the underprivileged.

We send our sons off to war that we might not be oppressed or that our ideal of democracy may never waver. To have a group in our own country with political power given them by the people turn on defenseless individuals and destroy all the principals we have worked, fought, and died for, must be very pleasing to the enemy of other lands and very displeasing to God and freedom loving men.

A Texas Homeowner