Board of Directors Agenda

Time and Place of Meeting: Monday July 29, 7:30 pm 2054 University Ave.


  1. New board members please write up your resumes.
  2. Upcoming meetings and conferences to be brought up.
  3. Watch Open Studio Television, KQED Channel 9, July 23rd at 6pm- Disabled Women's Coalition Rap Session Also in the future- Maria, Debbie, Scott, Mary Anne, Camille, Gary, and Dan. KQED has yet to schedule this second program.

Old Business:

    Old Business:
  1. By-Law Committee- Members: Chuck, Phil, Dick, and Hale. Have not met as yet, have nothing to report.
  2. Health Committee-
    The Disabled Clinic By-Law Negotiation Committee consists of Phil, Pete L., Gerome Frazee from the clinic, Drs. Starkweather and Covington, and Connie Powell from the administration.
  3. Information Committee- Members: Pete L., Ed, Debbie, Don B.
  4. Executive Director Evaluation Committee- Members: Debbie, John H., Jon B., Judy T.
    Due from this committee are guidelines by which the Executive Director can be evaluated for his performance.
  5. Election Procedures Committee- Members: Michael P., Phil, Judy T., Jon B., Dick, Peter T.
    This committee has written some guidelines and alternatives that will be presented at the August 26th regular board meeting.
  6. Fee Schedule Committee- Members: Judy T., Herb W., Jon B., Pete L.
  7. Coalition of Community Service Organizations- Report by Dick Santos.
  8. Executive Director's Report-
    • 1. Funding
    • 2. Lobbying- John H., Jan, Phil, Herb, Don G.
    • 3. Transportation- van status
    • 4. Budget Report
    • 5. Program Reports-
      • a. Services
      • b. Communication
      • c. R.E.D.
      • d. Community Environment