Disabled Students Live-In Program

Student Health Service
Cowell Memorial Hospital
University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

The Student Health Service of the University of California, Berkeley, housed in Cowell Memorial Hospital on campus, has had a program in operation since 1962 which allows the severely disabled student to attend the University while living at the hospital.

We are very pleased with the progress of the program and its service to students who require attendant and medical care to an extent that attendance at the University would not be possible under other circumstances. The program is designed for persons who have progressed beyond the need of intensive rehabilitation therapy; that is, their status is relatively stable and not deteriorating.

There are a variety of considerations for the prospective student wishing to enter the program, as well as for the Student Health Service in accepting the application of a disabled student. Information is enclosed regarding the cost of the program to the individual student, equipment necessary for attendance of classes on the Berkeley campus, and services which the program offers. The information you supply will allow us to make a realistic decision regarding your readiness for the program.

Please complete the enclosed form as fully as possible and return to the above address. In addition, request the physicians responsible for your care to submit medical reports as detailed in the questionnaire. An interview with the Director of the Student Health Service will be arranged.

Academic acceptance for admission to University of California, Berkeley is, of course, a prerequisite to joining the Cowell Hospital program for disabled students. Admission is accomplished through the Admissions Office.

Student Health Service
Please check with V.R.S.
Mama Eleanor