Elected Officers

    Elected Officers
  • Chairman: Edward R. Roybal
  • Secretary: Juan D. Acevedo
  • Vice-Chairman: Hector Moreno
  • Treasurer: Julius F. Castelan

The GENERAL AIMS of the Mexican-American Political Association (MAPA) are:

  1. The creation of a non-partisan organization for the social, economic, cultural and civic betterment of Mexican-Americans and all other Spanish-speaking Americans through political action.
  2. The election and appointment to public office of Mexican-Americans and other persons sympathetic to our aims.
  3. To take stands on political issues, to present and endorse candidates for public office.
  4. To launch a voter registration drive throughout the State of California.
  5. To carry on a program of political education.
  6. To encourage increased activity in both major political parties, seeking election or appointment in the Democratic and Republican Central Committees; in political clubs such as the California Democratic Council and the Republican Assembly; and within the members' respective labor, P.T.A. organizations, etc.
  7. To compile and disseminate political information about issues and candidates.
  8. To compile and publish annually a directory of Mexican-American personalities and other Spanish-speaking persons in California.
  9. To publish and distribute a bi-monthly newsletter.
  10. To establish constructive relationships for mutual cooperation and assistance with other groups having aims similar to those of this organization.

Membership in MAPA is open to all persons who foster the aims of this organization. All regular members may vote and participate in organization activities, but only Mexican-Americans and other persons of Spanish-speaking origin may hold office on either state or local levels. All regular members must be citizens.

Regular members shall pay annual dues of $6. The spouse of said member may become a full member without additional dues.