December 8, 1976

Dear Friend:

As a child I used to dream about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I also knew these dreams would never come true. I was disabled and disabled people could play no part in society.

As an adolescent I worried about what would happen to me after my parents died. I pictured myself alone and unwanted in an institutional care facility.

Then I came to Berkeley and got involved with the independent living movement. Now I feel I'm becoming a full participant of society.

The change in my outlook was largely brought about by the Center for Independent Living and the people who work there.

I don't have to tell you about the services and activities at CIL. I'm sure you are familiar with them. Many of you have contributed to our programs in the past and some of you have actually visited our facilities and met our staff.

But perhaps you have wondered how you could personally join us. Perhaps you feel everything is being done by us and that your help is not needed.

We recognize this feeling of being an "outsider". Most of us at CIL know that feeling well, and we don't like it.

Therefore, we are asking you to become a charter member of the Friends of CIL, and to personally participate in the independent living movement.

Quite frankly, we would appreciate it if you could give a donation to the organization; however, becoming a Friend of CIL need not stop with your checkbook. We are hoping that many who join the Friends will also contribute their time, talents, and energies to our activities. I think this is one of the most meaningful ways in which you can serve as a Friend of CIL. It is a way to truly participate in our struggles, know the satisfaction of a job well done and to feel the elation that comes with a hard won victory.

Won't you use the envelope to enclose your membership fee and tell us what you would like to do as a Friend of CIL?

I hope to be working with you soon.

Michael Williams, Chairperson
CIL Board of Directors