Status Report on Community Affairs Department

The departure of Kitty Cone has of course affected the department significantly. The effects have not been as severe as might have been expected, however, for a couple of reasons. For one thing, Kitty recruited volunteers to assume her attending role in attending Oakland community development meetings. Working on the Oakland ramping program was Kitty's major responsibility, so having these volunteers has been a considerable help. Secondly, no acute crises have arisen since she left.

As for the future, I would guess that the time spent working with the Berkeley Public Works Dept. will decrease somewhat. In Oakland the technical work (laying out specific ramp locations, etc.) will increase significantly, but I hope the poloitical side will require less attention than in the past.

It looks as if the Homemaker/Chore situation is not going to be resolved without a struggle of greater or lesser intensity, and some effort will be required in that area. Legislative action will resume after the legislature reconvenes in January. Finally, there are a number of spooradic activities, such as working with BART, will requir an undetermined amount of effort.

The department's widely varying and unpredictable workload makes it difficult to define our staffing needs precisely. In this connection I think the fact that there is also a vacancy in advocacy opens up an opportunity. I have long thought that the advocates should be involved in the political end of things, and I hope to further explore the possibilities in this area.