Staff Meeting Minutes of February 24, 1975

February 24 and 25th people from the Urban Institute and RSA were here finalizing plans for the R & D project. Don Galloway will direct the R & D project which means there will be a shifting of staff in the blind services section. People interested in applying for the job should talk to Ed, the job will also be open for outside people.

Ken Okuno is working with Peter on a slide presentation. Communications is also working with John Hessler on a similar project. Communications was turned down by the Erwin foundation for a grant and they are now working on getting people to advertize in the Independent.

We have received a $10,000 bonus from the county which will be coming in in March. This will mean that some of it will be budgeted for salaries.

The attorney general of California has set up a committee to work on the problems of the handicapped. There will be a permanent position on the committee for the Executive Director of CIL (no matter who that may be in future) to oversee regulations and laws and the enforcement of them. Russ Anderson, John Hessler, Ed Roberts and Joel Bryan will be on the committee along with others like the Director of State Rehab.

Kitty and Hale said that the city has started to build ramps again and they are getting ready to rebuild San Pablo Ave. Hale has layed out a plan for ramps on the section below University and he will be doing the rest this week. If you have any suggestions please give them to Hale, any ideas are welcome. Kitty is collecting complaints on cars that park infront of ramps. The cops aren't ticketing the way they are supposed to. Hale is also working on the problem of cars blocking sidewalks. Kitty and Hale met with BART people about the definition of disability, to decide who will get the reduced fare of 75%. The meeting went well, however senior citizens get a 90% reduction and it is felt that disabled people are just as poor if not poorer than the elderly, so they are trying to get an equal reduction. Hale is also looking into the possibility of getting attendants reduced fare.

Chair repair has stocking problems and they need money.

Blind Services got full retroactive funding (retroactive as of Dec. 1). Carol Wiebe will have option of increasing her time, their budget is negotiable. A committee is being set up to find new director of blind services.

Eric Dibner is working with Barry Ryan on trying to set up a housing plan. He is also working on designing interior of a new facility for us. He is also doing a survey on accessible housing - sending out questionnaire. He's doing it in conjunction with the U.C. housing office.

It would be appreciated if all staff members got their own coffee mugs and hung on to them, it saves alot of hassels and money.


Peter Leech is working on a video tape trying to capture daily living situations and attendants in action, etc.

Hal Kirshbaum is working on peer counseling and has been for the last 6 months. He has MS and is also a candidate for a position with R & D.

Scott Luebking is setting up one-to-one tutoring with the students at the IBM project. The students seem interested and the business community is being very responsive. There is a placement committee and it seems like everyone who finishes the course will be able to get a job. The only problems the project is encountering are ones dealing with transportation and the Lawrence Lab, which is not living up to its promise of supplying terminals. If anyone wishes to go down to the project and see what's going on, talk to Scott first before you go down. Scott wishes to avoid situations in which the students are trained seals performing on command.

Peter has a slide projector, if anyone needs it, see Peter.

Betty Diekmann is coming on Thurs. Feb. 27th with some other people from DR to get acquainted with CIL.