Nov. 25, 1983

Dear Congressman Hawkins,

My name is Diana Moore. I live in South Gate, California. I have 7 children and I receive AFDC- or Aid for Families with Dependent Children.

We have been in California 3 years and we still don't have a decent place to stay.

In Los Angeles, it was discrimination against my children, my race, my sex, and against my rights as an American citizen to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now in South Gate—it's discrimination against my children, my race (especially) and financial discrimination. South Gate, for the most part is a Spanish speaking community—I speak Spanish, and am even a citizen—yet many of these people -some coming from Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries—transporting their relatives and/or friends, discriminate against me and my children who are all American citizens and have certain unalienable rights.

I suppose it is evident that America has very little esteem and respect for its children—but the child a abuse practiced in the great country. We live in a one room house. There is also a bathroom with a shower. Part of the one room is a kitchenette; the other part is a living room, sleeping room and playroom. We need at least a 3 bedroom house. We have been in this one room house since January 83.

It is pathetic and degrading—surely a reflection upon not only this community—but America also. I suppose these Hispanic are only doing what America has done in the past and has allowed to be perpetuated through the years.

At times, in the media, people are in such an uproar about state and federal taxes—no doubt needed to maintain state foster homes and/or facilities for delinquent and juvenile institutions also, which are merely products of a society which has refused to take responsibility for its own—first physically, financially, spiritually, etc.

The right to care for my own is my most grave conviction; and surely the opportunity to do so—which means having the physical necessities or the opportunity to acquire such.

Yours truly,
Diana M. Moore

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