Sylvia Evans
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Honorable Mr. Edwards
c/o House Judiciary Committee
United States Congress
Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. Edwards,

My name is Sylvia Evans, and I am a student at Markham Junior High School. I am a B-9 student, and I am fourteen years of age. The city I live in is Los Angeles.

I would like to tell you about School Desegregation, which is Title III of the Civil Rights Bill. I feel that everyone should have the right to go to the school that he or she chooses. I think all schools should be desegregated. This would create communication among the different races. I feel this would make a better world. Some people are against desegregation, but if you ask them why they are against it they would probably say: It isn't right for a Negro or any other person to go to school with a white person.

Segregation is not born in a person; it is something taught to them from childhood.

Of course I realize that there are other individuals within each race that feel the same way that I do. They also desire to see each American citizen obtain equal rights.

I often think of the motto: "Sweet Land of Liberty", and "Sweet Land of the Free". I can truly say that that motto isn't completely true to form, because all of the Negro Americans are not free as other persons or groups.

I've always been taught by my parent that all individuals are supposed to be the same. My mother has always said that the human race is like a bouquet of flowers, with beautiful contrasting colors which fit in with Mother Nature itself. She also feels that they should all be able to join in with one another in doing their work, in harmony, in pleasure, in serving God, and in serving their fellow man.

If these things should ever come to pass the world we live in will become a much better world, and it can truthfully be called "Land of the Free".

If you could pass this ill I could truthfully say it might contribute in making a better world, and in changing the attitudes of people to each other.



Yours Sincerely,
Sylvia Evans

[personal information removed]