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May 14, 1959

Mr. Edward Roybal
City Councilman
City Hall
Los Angeles 12, California

Dear Mr. Roybal:

If it is true that you have been one of the leading advisors of the Arechigas, in inciting them into anarchy, and responsible for their failure, for many years, to pay any taxes on property from which they were recently legally, and humanely evicted, thousands of hard-pressed taxpayers are demanding that you make public a sincere apology for your actions.

Also, whether or not you have been an instigator of the trouble resulting from this eviction, thousands of Los Angeles taxpayers insist that you firmly induce this family to pay back taxes on said property from which they were evicted, and, also, pay for all the extra expense which they have caused the taxpayers, including court costs, eviction costs, and costs of shelter, lodgings, and processing for their small children in Juvenile Hall—because for years, you are said to be the spokesman for the Mexican-Americans in this city who have "problems".

If you are correctly quoted in saying that said eviction, of this very, very, VERY wealthy family, was comparable to "Hitler's tactics", or the "Spanish Inguisition", millions of Los Angeles' citizens think that you are ignorantly supporting the Communists, and their brain-washed dupes.

Practically 100% of the many Mexican-Americans who are property owners, resent this rich family being made a martyr by politically-minded demagogues. The vast majority of the Mexican-American tenants also feel the same way. "Why should this well-heeled family pay neither taxes or rent on said property—for many years"?, they logically reason.

Yours truly,

Al Hill