November 18, 1983
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Congressman Augustus F. Hawkins
2371 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Hawkins:

I'm writing to you concerning the little Patrick Mason case. He was a five year old child who was shot and killed by Police Officer Anthony Spearls in Orange County, Ca from the Stanton Police Department. It was announced that Officer Spearls was awarded $35, 000 from the Board of Appeals on July 29, 1983, due to "Psychological Damages" resulting from the shooting.

My righteous opinion is that award was that of an "unjust judgment" for the Officer. Under the circumstances the acceptance by him was that of "Blood Money". This type of charge wasn't the first, just a different victim. This time only a Beautiful, Precious Black Baby.

It shouldn't hurt to be a child nor a honorable Black. Here on planet earth, it is high time for living, not being murdered by the hands of another. Super cops are unwanted, and definitely not welcome here in Los Angeles, nor any other part of the world.

As a citizen and tax payer I urgently object to the Board's decision. Also to the abuse of Power that was performed. It's critical and terrifying for Black women, children, and men like yourself to walk around here on this only existing earth, being possible targets by some "Mad crazed cops".

This isn't no elite choice of mine as a human being. It's a disgrace to the entire human race, and especially to God.

Ms. Shirley Holmes
It would be a delight to be part of a team to help improve our community.
May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.