December 16, 1970

Mr. Herb Wilsmore
Cowell Memorial Hospital
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720

Dear Mr. Wilsmore:

In response to your request for information on the number of paraplegics in the ATD Cash Grant caseload, we are sending you the following information.

A study was conducted of a sample of recipients in the ATD Cash Grant caseload for the month of November 1967. Findings from this study showed that about 6.4 percent of the ATD Cash Grant caseload had a primary impairment of paraplegia, or about 7,450 recipients out of a total of 117,320 for November 1967. If the percentage figures from the November study are applied to the latest caseload figure for July 1970 of 175,948 Cash Grant recipients, it is estimated that in that month there were about 11,180 recipients with a primary impairment of paraplegia.

Further, you asked for information on the age of these paraplegics, specifically, the number of paraplegics under age 30 and those 30 years of age and older. As the November table shows, 82.3 percent of these cases were 30 years of age or older, with only 17.7 percent under 30 years of age (the minimum age for ATD recipients is 18 years).

Ray C. Fagerstrom, Chief
Program Information Bureau