July 27, 1970

Mr. Herbert Willsmore
3995 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, California 95401

Dear Mr. Willsmore:

Thank you very much for your recent letter. I found it most informative, since I was unaware of the program you describe and I found it most encouraging that people like you can face the future with the courage and determination you show.

Enclosed is a photocopy of a news release from the Governor's office, the subject matter of which I'm sure you are aware by now. I certainly agree with you that this is not the place to economize; however, there is some question in my mind whether those responsible for the programs were not deliberately cutting off the truly needy in order to sabatoge the Governor's attempt to hold the line on welfare spending. The bureauacracy which has developed in welfare is a formidable monster when one is attempting to find out what is necessary and what is not. The fact that so many of the programs are Federally mandated further complicates the issue.

If you feel in your own mind that this kind of maneuvering took place when you were informed of the impending cut, it would be most helpful if you would inform the Governor's office. It is only with the assistance of the people who are actually involved in the programs that we can decide what is essential. I'm sure you understand that if we tax the wage earners out of existence, there will be no one to pay for any of the programs.

Again, thank you for writing and informing me of the program in which you are participating. The very best of luck to you.

Sincerely yours,