Mr. Larry Biscamp
Executive Director

Center For Independent Living
2532 Durant #2
Berkeley, California 94704

Mr. Tom Jo
Office of the Secretary
Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. Jo:

Enclosed you will find a semi-final draft proposal for a program to provide badly needed services to the disabled and blind in Berkeley. It is our hope that the program will be considered for July funding this year.

It is unfortunate that you were unable to meet with us last week. Myself and several members of our group would like to meet with you this week (March 20-25) to discuss your reactions to the proposal

Mr. Butler said you will call him after you have read the proposal in order to set a date and time to meet with us here in Berkeley. If you are unable to reach Mr. Butler, you may call me at (415) 548-0345 or 642-0518. If I am not there you can leave a message and I will return your call.

Your interest in our program is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to meeting with you.

Sincerely Larry Biscamp
Executive Director


Outreach to the Disabled and Blind

For a large number of the newly disabled and blind and those who still languish within the confines of their home or an institution (nursing homes, hospitals, etc.), outreach is largely non-existent. Most rehabilitation agencies only accept referrals and put little emphasis on actually making initial contacts. While those blind and disabled who are aged or belong to an ethnic minority suffer higher disability rates, they are among those who suffer most from exclusion.

The Center for Independent Living will contact these blind and disabled both individually and collectively through counseling field work (to be largely carried out by blind or disabled staff counselors), public service announcements, coverage in the media, and by linking ourselves to community switchboards. The purpose of this outreach is to increase awareness of the wide range of life experiences and accomplishments that are open to them, as well as the services provided by the Center for Independent Living and the other service agencies for which they are eligible. This service will be buttressed by such programs as inviting clients to the homes of independent blind and disabled and informal meetings of the C.I.L.