Minutes..........Sept. 24, 1973 CIL Board Meeting

Members Present; Chuck Cole, Dick Santos, Ruth Grimes, Phil Draper, Pete Leech, Jan McEwen, Hale Zukas, Herb Willsmore, Judy Taylor. Guests; Doug Bollinger, Teresa Bollinger, Larry Biscamp, Dave Konkel, Judy Heumann.

Meeting called to order at 7:45 pm by Phil Draper.

Minutes from board meeting of August 27 read and approved.


  1. Pete Leech reported on the condition of Larry Langdon and says that physically Larry is gaining and is doing well. Larry is having memory loss but their is hope for recovery.
  2. One of the proposals is being read and considered by the SF Foundation. We should know by early October. ($126,000)
  3. The Rehab Act was passed by Nixon for 1.5 billion. This reconfirms the intrest shifts of Congress toward the severely disabled. We may get some money from them. Chuch Cole is trying to get a copy of the bill.
  4. John Rodriquez resigned from the board and the position should be filled by a blind person. We are looking. At the end of the next regular meeting of members there will be a special meeting to choose the new member.

Phil Draper read the agenda for the meeting as requested by the Board.

Committee Reports:

Fund Raising: Ed Roberts wants ot work on raising money. He and Jan have a meeting in SF Friday at 11:00. It is also possible to get help from Levis Strauss. Koshlin has talked to Ed and they may get together. Ed wants to be payed for his services. There is also a lady in Woodside who would have help if we were religiously oriented.

Larry Biscamp sent for information on a computor means for getting funding sources. It costs $250.00 to get into the computor. The CIL has a brochure about the program. Herb W. suggested that we take up a collection to raise the entrance fee since there is no money in budget for this. Hale moved that if we get the money together from outside the budget we should go ahead and sent it. Motion was withdrawn until the legitamacy

of this can be checked out.

Health Committee; Herrick Clinic now has a van to provide transportation and have hired a driver for the clinic and for between clinic appointments made through the clinic. Henry Bruen would like to be the medical coordinator. He will probably work out well. Dr. Wong will be leaving and a man named Shelly Bayer (sp?) looks good. Pete has a group session together and is starting a thing on sex counselling. He wants our support.

Executive Director's Report:

There is a Rehab conference being held in Washington DC and they will provide travel expenses. It will be held sometime around Oct. 14.

Phil Lee said to get in touch with Drummond PIKE to talk about referrals for money this week or next. Should write a special letter to each California Foundation if possible.

Working with Mike Tolbert with city planning for contract with the city for facilities. Larry had proposal set up for approval of RED. Jan McEwen moved that the proposal would be approved upon reviewal of RED and that Phil Draper will have power to sign legal documents concerning funding, and Larry Biscamp shall act as liaison with the city.. Seconded and passed unanimously. We could have money by the end of the month. The city needs to have decision on 2045 Allston Way. Hale moved we take all necessary steps to get it. Jan seconds. and motion is carried unanimously. It was decided that the staff should decide on a floor plan.

A Table of the Organization of CIL was presented. no new changes on the first page. 2nd page.. organization changed to projects. 3rd page no new changes. 4th page put evaluation on top of research. Board should set up a vacation policy and leave the rest to the Director. Document accepted and approved as ammended.

Project managers Report; Ruth's report is in Chunk's hands for reviewing. Should also work on questionaire for city on clients. Will evaluate design for communications proposal.

It is agreed that Bill McGregor should attend regular board meetings to report on finances as part of his duties.


Hale's Report; AB18 lost in the final monents 25 to 15, two votes short. We lost Berryhill and Stull. There is a suit being filed against Reagan over administrative powers. It will be filed Friday Sept. 28, 1973 and should make it to the Supreme Court by November. There is also a suit being filed in Federal Court about attendant Care. May need depositions and will contact individuals.

Bart facilities are not being used and Metro is calling it a worthless expense and trying to cut things.

Wheelchair ramp sites almost finished. We are trying for 150 for next year. Minimal bubbles.

Jan's Report; issue 2 is out of the Independent. Cost $518.00 not counting the returns and their cost. Need more money to start new issue. Also need more cassettes. Budget is only for $1,000 total. Ruth moves to mandate Jan to go out and get adds. She should submit a list for approval by the Director. Pete seconds, and is carried unanimously. Jan shall work out costs.

Phil's Report; Needs for services that CIL offers is increasing. record sheets for each request are handed to the Project Directors. A flier will go out in the area shortly.

Dick has catalogued agencies for the blind and has gon through questionaires for blind and disabled.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 pm.