6-7-44 Chepe Ruiz
San Quentin Calif.

My Dearest Alice

Just a line or two to let you know how hopeful I am. With the Big news of the invasion of france [sic], it sure look [sic] like hitler [sic] will get his. to [sic] bad I can't be there to left hook him. You know dearest I must be getting soft when I heard the news of the invasion I started to cry and pray just like a Baby. is [sic] that the way it efect [sic] you? Gee darling I do hope and pray that the good lord will let me get out of this place so I can get in the big fight and fight for people just like you, I would gladly give my life for darlings like you. Please Belive [sic] me and Alice dear if [you] can't read this letter its because im [sic] shaking like a leaf because of the news. I have'nt [sic] sleapt [sic] for 28 hours so ill [sic] go for now good night darling and god bless you.

Your Grandson
Chepe Ruiz
PS sent [sic] me a pict of you
Love Chepe