CIL Board Meeting May 28 Minutes

Members present: Phil, John, Debbie, Alice, Ruth, Dick, Judy H.

Ombudsman: Hale

Friends: Don B., John Baker, Lynn Watts, Ed

Meeting called to order.

Minutes of the April 29th meeting read and approved.



The next minutes will include the bylaws.

There will be board elections at the June 24th meeting for Phil, Ruth and Pete Leach's positions.

We have a problem with these elections since the bylaws state that applications for positions must be in 30 days before the election. Jan moved that the bylaws be suspended this time and a 15 day limit on applications be sustituted. Motion seconded by Judy. Motion carried.

Judy moved that absentee ballots be mailed to members who can't attend the election meeting. Debbie seconded. Judy ammended her motion to atate that mail ballots would not be used until the next elections in October 1974. There was a rollcall vote.

  • John: No
  • Debbie: Ab
  • Phil: No
  • Alice: Yes
  • Ruth: AB
  • Dick: Yes
  • Judy: Yes
  • Jan: No
  • Chuck : No

Motion failed.

Judy moved that the subject of mail ballots be open to the membership floor for discussion at the June meeting. Ruth seconded. Motion carried. Dick will be president of the membership meeting.

Judy moved that when fund raising is done some of the money could be put aside to be used th pay for mail ballots. Debbie seconded. Phil and Ed are going to look into getting money from fraternal organizations to help get community people to elections and membership meetings. The motion was restated to read that the chairman will try to raise money for CIL, Inc and mail ballots. Motion carried.

Judy asked Jan if she could mention CIL's desire for membership in the next Independent. Jan said it would be more effective to send flyers to zip codes we want to reach since the Independent goes outside the target area. Judy said that it was good for people outside the target area to know what we're doing. There will be a mailing by zip code and an announcement in the September Independent.

Phil introduced the new ombudsman—Hale.

Judy is going to Washington for 6 months to be a research assistant in Senator Harrison Williams office.

Judy announced that CIL got $500 from CAC for awareness day activities.

John was called by Russ Beeson who asked John to be involved in a conference concerning the severely physically disabled and what the Department of Rehabilitation can do for them. John is going to a meeting at the Oakland Hilton at 10am, Friday May 31st.


Old Business:

Phil asked Barbara Adler to tell about Cutreach meetings. Barbara doubted the usefulness of making a report now, Judy reported that the meeting came out in favor of community involvement and waht CIL is doing and suggests that others beside the Board be involved in whar is being done here. People who attensed the Cutreach meetings have been put on the mailing list.

We need a policy on how to utilize volunteers, what areas they can be accepted in. Ed will work up a structure for dealing with volunteers for the next meeting

Bylaws Committee Report:

The bylaws have been found and will be xeroxed.

John, Phil and Dick will form a Proposal Review Committee. There is a conflict in the bylaws about who is responsible for hiring and firing-the Board or the Executive Director.

The bylaw committee consists of Chuck, Phil, Dick and Hale.

Health Committee Report:

Pete was unable to attend. There was a board meeting last friday. The bylaws were sent to Mr. Shelton. Judy went to find out if a meeting was established with the hospital trustees to be on the board agenda for June. The bylaws were also sent to the attorney and Gary Pasama. The board meeting was becoming distraught since it is incumbent upon them to set up a meeting.

Herrick is up for the same money they were denied because of community outrage for mental health services. Who will militate against Herrick getting the money or see that they make Herrick change drastically in order to receive the money.

Information Committee:

Pete, Ed, Debbie, Don B.

Phil went to Washington to attend a meeting of the President's Committee on Physical Disability, and participated in the panel on State and Local Action Groups. The Committee doesn't have much far west consumer participation. Phil thought it would be nice if someone from CIL became a member of the Committee and went to meetings but the Committee doesn't provide transportation money. Phil didn't have a chance to attend any of the other 10 panels since all the panels were held at once.

Executive Director's Report:

Ed met with Don Conchlen who is willing to buy us a new van. This will cost$11-12,000 and Ed will need to talk to him again. The Van is an International Harvester-type van with a 16ft. body. Ruth and Ed are working up a fee scedule, that will be ready for the next board meeting. It will be a straight sliding schedule.

It costs 64¢ a mile to run the van, including overhead and fees are based on that.

We have to be able to communicate with the van. 2-way radios will cost $2500.

We have new stationery.

The new brochure is coming out and so are the business cards.

The contract with the city was renegotiated. We had abot $2800, moved some of the funds, still had $1400 left. The city told us to go ahead and spend it so we're trying to decide what to use it for.

There has been some shifting in the staff. Nancy DeAngelo is doing attendant work. Don is doing some office management

work to help Ed keep the office running smoothly.

There is a ne eligibility form.

We provided 300 sevices this month.

2 brochures are coming out as part of the outreach program, one on CIL and one on wheelchair repair. They're smart looking.

Wheelchair repair is busy but not making money. Still waiting for Medical money. We are getting money from DVR for 2 people who got services. We're getting $15 for each person.

Gary will charge $12/hr to Medical or individuals who have enough money.

CIL has been approached by RSA to participate in Architectural Barrier Commission meeting. RSA will give $75 a day for 2 weeks for someone to participate. They want someone from CIL to testify at the commission for a $75 consultant fee. They also want someone to record their 2-day meeting.

We've been asked to testify at the Governor's Committee sometime in July.

There is an Architectural Barrier conference at St. Mary's in Moraga on the 6th of June. They want someone to attend but the audtorium seems to be an architectural barrier itself.

John is a one-man committee to make a calendar for the meeting room.

Debbie is writing an artucle on mass transit for the California Law Review and would appreciate whatever information people have.

New Business:

Does the Executive Director have the power to allocate money for transportation? Jan thought that he should be able to but that there should be a ceiling on the amount. Judy felt that the ceiling was unneccessary since the Executive Director can always be fired if he messes up.

There is a party June 7th at 8:30pm. Dress up and have cocktails. Find out by calling CIL if the location is changed.

John mentioned that the next meeting's agenda should provide for a discussion of how we want to participate in State anf National elections. Phil remonded him that CIL can't officially support any candidate since it is a non-profit organization.

Dick wanted to know when the Executive Director is supposed to be reassessed. Phil said that he had performed up to expectations and reassessment could be postponed until July.

The hour being late, the meeting was adjourned.