Defense Praised

General Cardenas Hails Sleepy Lagoon Committee

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24.—General Lazaro Cardenas, secretary of National Defense of Mexico and ex-President of Mexico, extended formal greetings and congratulations to the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee for its defense of the 17 Mexican-American boys convicted in Los Angeles in January, 1943, and now serving sentences in San Quentin and Chino prisons.

Addressed to National Chairman Carey McWilliams, the full text of the letter follows:

"I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter of July 11 wherein you enclosed the booklet 'Sleepy Lagoon Mystery,' by Guy Endore. Please extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Guy Endore.

"I have read this booklet with great interest and wish to congratulate you and all the other members of your committee for your great spirit of justice which has led you to enter into a campaign in defense of the 17 boys of Mexican extraction.

"I am sure that the good work of your committee will bear fruitful results and will help to end racial discrimination which is incompatible with the democratic ideals of the people of North America and with the harmony which should exist among all races and nations as the only basis of a permanent peace."