Board of Directors Meeting
September 29, 1975

Time and Place of Meeting: Monday, September 29th, 7:30pm at the Center for Independent Living.


There will be another Membership meeting on Friday, November 7th. A telephone and mailing campaign are planned to get as many of CIL's members to this meeting as possible.

Old Business:

  1. Wheelchair Repair is opening a new checking account at the Bank of America needs a Board Resolution approving this. The proposed check-signing list is:
    1. Lynn Kidder
    2. Gary Rowan
    3. Tom Fussy
    4. Phil Draper
  2. A new set of check-signers for CIL needs to be drawn up as Mary Lester is resigning as a check-signer.
  3. Personnel Policy Committee Report (members: Michael Williams, Jan McEwen, Hale Zukas, Don Galloway, Don Berry, Mary Lester.)
  4. By-law Committee Report (members: Herb Willsmore, John Baker, Chuck Cole)
  5. Executive Director's Report:
    • a. Received UMTA Grant Approval—$350,000
    • b. Received County of Alameda Revenue Sharing funding of $96,000 plus $5,000 for Oakland services counselors.
    • c. R&D received 17% increase in funding for indirect costs.
    • d. New Projects:
      1. Wheelchair I&E: A Wheelchair Design Seminar will be held on Wednesday, October 8, 1975 at 3pm in the CIL meeting room. All persons, including CIL clients and staff are urged to attend as we are looking for ideas that can be used in a prototype for a new wheelchair. Think about what you like about your wheelchair and what improvements need to be made. Herb Willsmore is available to answer questions about this seminar.
      2. Job Development Specialist
      3. State of the Art
      4. Housing
      5. Facility—Expansion and developments.
      6. Funding
    • e. General Report on other CIL programs.

If anybody has any other items for the agenda please contact Phil Draper at the Center.