Apt. 12-E-2

Dear Alice,

In answer to your most welcomed letter that I recived [sic] this afternoon, and it found me, taking it easy, hoping that you recive [sic] this letter it will find you in the best of health.

Well Alice, I saw my lawyer last week, and he told me that the writ was denied, and I would have too [sic] stay here until this May. But if you could do any thing to help me, which I know you can, please try and get me some place where I can have some sun and fresh air, cause [sic].if I have to stay here another year, I think I'll get T.B. As for now, my health is kind of bad, I can't explain myself so good in this letter, so if your [sic] not so busy, try and get a pass from the chief, so I can see you in the attorney room Saturday. I remain:

As Always

If you have any pictures of the boys that are up north, please send me a few small size pictures.