August 5, 1964

Dear Mr. Hawkins,

It has been a pleasure to hear from you and you can bet I will do my best to help in any way I can.

As you can see I have marked Housing second in place for my important domestic issue.

Why? Because I myself have gone to several places to rent an apartment and have been refused because am a Negro.

For instance, an apartment Bld. at 1810 So. Magnolia, Los Angeles, Calif.

Also 1822 So. New England St. Los Angeles, Calif.

Neither of these people would rent to me.

Mr. Hawkins there is so much I would like to take about but I would have to be face

to face to explain in full detail.

And another thing I am a laundry worker who would welcome better working conditions, since Mr. Hahn is inspecting the bad conditions of these hospitals and such, why not have him to find out what is going on in these dirty hot laundrys.

There are unions in some but most of the time they do not come up to expectation.

You know Mr. Hawkins our fellow man has no feeling, love or regards for each other any more. Not even a friendly greeting, you can walk up to Mr. So & So or Mrs. So & So and say! Good Morning Mr. So & So Then guess what, they say,

What's so good about it, I'm trying to get me some money. Every thing is Money, Money, Money, Money. Is there no feeling or Love for others and more? Along with money.

"Oh God," there is so much I'd like to talk about. But I guess for now will close, saying thanks for the asking.

P.S. Where I work there are a lot of people to whom would welcome your Questionnaire. Just say the word and I will send all of their names. Unless some of these people are pushed they will get nowhere.

Mrs. Virgie LaCour
This is a poor business letter but I think it will express the point.