Irene Ganzer
[personal information removed]


Augustus F. Hawkins,
Washington D.C.

Dear Sir,

I received your nice letters on older peoples, and on youth. You are wright. My husband Mr. Peter Ganzer passed away Sept. 10, 1962, and left me out a home, and I had no job and I am in my 50th, and ever where I went no job for a woman at my age. so what is a elder person goin to do between 40 to 62. I worked for 17 years in Public Work but I can't draw my Social Security becose I am not old enuff but to old to work in factorys. I got a little 10 year old girl I got to keep in school, so I draw $51.00 a month on her and me Babysitting and doing other things. We just barley get by I have had some experience in nursing and cooking in school calfters, so I went down town to take test on both of them but I faild becose I don't have to good training in the to fields so as you say we need more adult education training pepare us for jobs to suit our age. that is why so meney elder men die with heart attacks becose they quit work quit exercising, if they keep active they be ok and they don't draw enuff to live dicen and not enuff to have the wright medicare. We art to start a fun drive, like to help elder people when they can't help there selfs. have more nicer nursing homes for the sick, be run by nice people for they are or was the back bone of our nation. treat them like they are still welcome in our country not set aside like turning them out in a pasture to live or die. for there children have familys of there own and everone works. no time for mother or father so fick it so they can draw enuff to live decent. so let them draw more one not able to work the one is, give them a trade. then that would take care of our elders and for our youths as you say is money roming the streets. stating nothing to do, parents working nelecting there teenagers. I am mother of 11 childerns I raised 8 of them and I ryed to make my childerns fill they are loved and my home was open for there friends there father passed a way when my baby boy was 7 years old so I raised the 6 boys mostly by myself and worked to make a living but I put them in school and sined them up to all the sports I could get them in that keeped them busey they wasn't able to drink are smoke, and I was going with them they played football basketball I was there hollering for them, for was 6 boys & 2 girls. We just got to be entres in our children and teach them. it's up to us to make good citizens for the future coming of our country.

last night was a [UNK] 18 year old girl & her younger sister come to my door said they was hungry would I give them some scrapes from my table for they were hungry. I thought of the poor man in the bible that set under the rich man table baged for somting to eat and the dogs licked his sores. I ask her did she run away from home she said no mother throwed us out Daddy is dead I said was you to showing out, are your mother a mean woman and she said know, she don't drink beer are go to the hunktunks places. I said you better go back home and ask her forgive you and your sister and be nice girls and get you a job she said I had a job and got lade off. I said can't you draw Social Security, she said I never worked long enuff to get it. so my little girl & my self ficked them a hot dog a peice so she had one nickel and she made me take it. so they left.

so Mr. Hawkins what can we do with some one like that she might had a ruff home life are could be her no training as you say the streets full of teenagers like that these girls had to boys with them in a car.

so I think the idey of your about the CC camps be a good thing and work them in the parks my son help work his way thrue collag in Memphis Tenn working in parks and Y.M.C.A. now he's a teacher in Florida & a ball couch and am I proud of him We need to give thes youngsters somting to do to keep them off the streets, and let them pay there on ways and pepare them selves for later life as parents of there childerns in the futcher to come. is so meney of them don't have much education, no money to go to collage, parents seprated mother and childerns in school half of the time for I know I live here where I see this ever day.

so I think you have some good ides.

May I help, any way I can

I thank you for asking me some suggestion of my won.

Yours Trulley,
Mrs. Irene Ganzer

[personal information removed]