June 20, 1984

Congressman Gus Hawkins:
House of Representatives
Washington D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Hawkins:

It seems I am your chief complainer, but thanks be to God, you have always responded so graciously and [great] haste.

My Grandson has finished serving his tour of duty in the Navy. He is living with me, as has no one, but me.

I paid Forty five dollars to Pacific Publications on Lakewood Blvd. in Downey who guarantee a job within sex weeks. They gave him the name of Kemp Machinery on Maywood Avenue in Maywood, another man, Hispanic, hurried out to this firm, in the meantime the man at Kemp had hired my Grandson, and the Hispanic had told the man at Pacific publications he had no papers, meaning he is an illegal alien. The man who hired my Grandson has told him now for six weeks that

My Grandson had the job. But today we were told the Hispanic was now hired. Naturally, he will work for a smaller amount.

My grandson had extensive training in the Navy and was on U.S.S. Ranger which caught fire and many boys died a screaming death. My Grandson fought that fire and tool all courses offered while serving in the Navy.

I know you are aware of how the Hispanics, blacks, etc. have ruined our lovely town. Now running for office and brazenly stating they are going to run our town. I have lived here fifty years and in my home 40 of the fifty years, and I bitterly resent this, I hope you will be against allowing the Hispanics from becoming citizens after so many years. I am boiling mad at this turn of events, and am bitter that a young man serving his

Country is refused employment in preference to a foreign person. We, as the payers, must pay for their food stamps, partial rent and for paying for their endless babies.

Thank you again, Mr. Hawkins, for allowing me to unburden myself and sincerely hope there will be a stop put on allowing these people to come here by the thousands and take jobs from our people.

I have taken a survey personally, and it is 100 to 3 against the situation as it now stands, of allowing them to stay.

My sincere thanks and support to you,

Roselyn M. Johnston

[personal information removed]