WHEREAS, the program to provide low cost housing for families of low income, pensioners and aged instituted in 1934 under the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt after many years of struggle by the people, their organizations and unions has been too often nullified and subverted by a conspiracy of selfish greedy men, their corporations, their banks and their newspapers;

WHEREAS, the program to rehabilitate and modernize the obsolete and deterioated [sic] parts of urban areas has also been diverted into a well organized political and predatory weapon to divest small owners of their homes and property at fractions of their value;

WHEREAS, after too many years of attack, betrayal, terror, malfesance, and misrepresentation, one family the Arechigas of Chavez Ravine dispossessed by the combine of a brutal County Sheriff's Office under orders of Courts, City and County Departments, Agencies and Officials, controlled not by their constituiencies but by wealthy and even sometimes criminal elements, have in the truly American spirit defied tyranny and oppression and have become a symbol to those thousands who have sufferred [sic] similar injustices and have thus aroused through their courage and example the people of Los Angeles to reconsider the question of Public Housing and to fight against future encroachments by Redevelopment Agencies, freeways, dumpsites, public buildings while the wealthy and powerful too frequently receive inflated profits and wind-falls for their holdings.

BE IT RESOLVED THEREFORE, that the undersigned to pledge ourselves to Charter and Organize a Committee to:

  • (1) Save Chavez Ravine for the people and Public Housing;
  • (2) Secure a redress of grievances by court actions and public campaigns;
  • (3) Resist the further encroachments on homes, property and personal rights guaranteed under the Constitutions of both the State Of California and these United States;
  • (4) Revise and support the intent of federal, state and municipal legislation adopted during the past 25 years at the demand of the people but obstructed and deflected by wilful men;
  • (5) Cooperate with like organizations already in Los Angeles and other cities fighting against the same assaults on progress and liberties;
  • (6) Recapture control of the programs for Redevelopment, planned cities, public housing, zoning and kindred programs of, for and by the people and their posterity and directed by public spirited citizens and honest experts.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we call on all those men and women who believe in these principles to contribute to and support this undertaking and join us in this worthy cause.