Vol. I No. 1
April 7, 1943

ANNOUNCING .....the publication of APPEAL NEWS, your newsletter, to be sent to you every other week for the purpose of keeping you reliably informed concerning the activities and progress of the Defense Committee in the matter of your appeal.

WHAT people are saying and doing all over the country with reference to the case and the appeal will be reported to you.

THIS is being done to keep you in touch with events which are, of course, of vital interest to you. Your suggestions will help make this the sort of paper you want it to be. The editor will be putty in your hands. Your wish is our command.

LET US hear from you. Write group or individual letters. (No paper can really call itself a paper unless there are letters to the editor.)

INTEREST in the work of the Committee is grwoing[sic]. At the last meeting there were four additional unions represented by delegates, two additional Negro groups and one additional Jewish organization. These people are bringing fresh energy and new ideas. It is very encouraging to those of us who have been working with the Committee to know that we have only begun to gather around us the people who are friendly to our purpose....and who will do something about it.

ONE DOLLAR CASH to the guy who sends in a better name for this thing. (Your editor racked her brain, but nothing came out. Better luck to you.)

FROM BROOKLYN, NEW YORK today came a small contribution to the Committee with a note enclosed which read, "I hope this will do some good." It did us a lot of good, because it proves to us that the campaign is reaching across the country.....reaching the people who are going to support us in this fight.


YOU CAN, YOU MUST, YOU WILL help us on the outside by what you do on the inside.

WE KNOW that a great injustice has been done. What we can do about it is the important question at this point. The kind of record you make for yourself today, the day after, and the day after that will be an important factor in your lives, one way or the other, when the appeal comes up.

YOU CAN NOT be satisfied with just getting along. It is the most essential thing in your life to make a DEFINATE EFFORT to have an OUTSTANDING record. Don't gamble minutes against years.

AND ... don't forget ...what you do reflects on the others ... you have no control over that.

BY WHAT you do every minute of every hour of every day ... let us be PROUD to show the record when the time comes.

Issued by the Citizens' Committee for the Defense of Mexican-American Youth
206 South Spring Street Los Angeles Room 342

Editor - - - - - - Alice Greenfield