*Special Membership meeting*
August 11, 1975

Time and Place of Meeting: Monday, August 11, 1975, at 7:30pm in our new facility located at 2539 Telegraph Ave.

Purpose of Meeting:

This meeting is a continuation of the Membership meeting that was held on July 9, 1975. That meeting was intended to review such questions as:

Does CIL's membership want to be more involved? In what ways? What is the role, function, and responsibilities of the membership?

Board Composition:

What is CIL's Board?

How does it and how should it relate to CIL?

How should the Board be composed; what viewpoints should be represented on the Board?

Enclosed please find the minutes of the July 9 Membership meeting.


At the July 28, 1975 election, Debbie Kaplan, Phil Draper, Carol Fewell, and Chuck Cole were elected to the Board of Directors. They will serve for 2 years in keeping with the June 9, 1975 amendment to the by-laws which changed the length of Directors' terms and the number of elections. The next Board election will be held in February, 1976.