Mr. Chairman, members of the 62nd Assembly District Political Action Club. The Negro People are hell bent for Election Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a Peoples' Congress because the Negro People have always been HEll Bent for the "Century of the Common Man" and have always lead in the struggle of the American people for greater Democracy and security.

A large majority of the Negro people are members of the Republican Party and this is understandable. For it was Abraham LIncoln and the Republican Party that lead the fight for the emancipation of the Negroes.

Unfortunetly the Republican Party of today is bankrupt and is the the home of reaction and the American [hole torn in original paper, word(s) missing]

The work started by Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party in —— is now being fought for and carried on under the leadership of Franklin Delano roosevelt and those who support his program and policies and the signifigant thing is that among the supportes of our Commander in Chief we find many Republicans If Harriet Tubman were alive today I am confident that you would find her high in the Ranks of thse working and fighting For the reelection of president Roosevslt and a Win the War Congress. She would be just as vigorously engaged in the ringing of doorbells and getting out the peoples vote as she was in helping escaped Negro Slaves reach freedom through the underground railroad or she would recognize as we must recognize that the whole future of our people and all of the common people of the world are tied up with a victory in November.

Pherhaps it might be wise at this time to touch briefly on the the Democratic nominees for President and Vice President.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt speaks for himself his record courage and leadership. stand uncontested and unequaled. Vice President candidate Senator Harry Truman however is not as well known to most people and because of their great love for our present Vice President Henry A Wallace they are inclined to look at Senator Truman with a jaundiced eye.

Senator Trumans record in cogress has been one of supportin the President on every issue and has been a vigorous and consistent fighter in the Senate for the elimination of the poll tax.

All of the things I might say to you and all of the applause and enthusiasm I might in invoke is useless and a waste of time if it does not inspire some action on yourpa part., for words that fail to inspire deeds are just words and have no value. The American people have been challenged particularly we people. The Republican party under the leadership of Herbert Hoover who is the man behind Dewey is determined that we shall return to the Good old days of apples on street corners and Hoovervilles I say we accept that challenge and that each one of us regardless of party affiliation race or color or stature in life will become part of that gret peoples political army being mobilized to elect President Roosevelt Vice President Harry Truman and a Win the War Congress.

This means we must all affiliate with our assembly district club and assist in the work and activity of it. More then that whowever we should obtain the assistance of our friends and neighbors. We must see to it that every eligible voter is registered. This is extremely important because registration closes on Sept. 28th. Also many of our people who have migrated here from the south still think they must pay a poll tax/we must reach these people and put them straight. After these people are registere we must seeto it that they get out and vote for a registered who doesent vote is as good as no vote at all.

To some of you who might doubt the ability of the people to do this job in November we refer you to Cotton Ed Smith, Martin Dies, And our own Mr. Costello. Yes the common people our stamping out the vintage where the grapes of rath are stored and in November we shall reap the Harvest