Henry Ynostroza

Box 69499

April 11, 1943 San Quentin
Dear Alice

I think its [sic] a good idea to let us know what the people are saying and doing with reference to our case. Its [sic] make me fell good to know that the people are trying to help us. I had gave [sic] up hope but when I received this letter I said if the people are trying to help well I got to have hope.

I know that all of us up hear [sic] will try and make a good record.

I know that all the mothers are doing all they can for us.

As for a name for this News I can't think of one so its [sic] up to you or some of the other guys to think one up.

So good luck to you and the committee

Your Truely [sic]

Henry Ynostroza