May 22, 1963

Please reply to: 2900 Pierce Street
San Francisco 23, California
Honorable Augustus F. Hawkins
House of Representatives
Washington 25, D.C.

Dear Mr. Hawkins:

The California State Council of the American Veterans Committee unanimously adopted a resolution at its annual state-wide convention in San Francisco on May 4-5, 1963, that Public Law 78 should end on December 31st, 1963. The convention opposes HR 5497 which proposes to extend the bracero program for two more years.

The great number of domestic unemployed farm workers in California, presently six percent of our labor force, makes it imperative that all of us do everything possible to make jobs available for American citizens. The Mexican farm labor importation program has served its purpose and its continuation will prevent the full employment of our own domestic farm workers.

We strongly urge that you join us in efforts to defeat the passage of HR 5497 which would extend the bracero program for two more years.

We are proud to have you as our representative in Congress, and whether or not you agree with our position, we continue to respect your judgment.

Sincerely yours,
State Chairman