Minutes Staff Meeting - May 27, 1975

A fire department employee opened the meeting with a demonstration on the use of four types of fire extinguishers.

  1. The water extinguisher is in a large silver container and is not for use on flammable liquid or charged electrical fires. To release water turn container upside down or kick over
  2. The dry chemical type is in a red container and can be used on anything. To operate pull the pin and press handle
  3. The CO2 extinguisher can be used on charged electrical circuits.
  4. The wet stand pipe extinguisher (Mounted on wall at exits) To release water turn on valve and take hose off rack.


The Spring issue of the Independent is now out. An article on Peter Leech's counsel or training project is being written.


The new advocacy counselors are Ray Zanella and Charley Brown. New attendant referral counselors are Valerie Vivona and Wally Wheelon. The hours for attendant referral are now 10:00 - 5:00 Mon - Fri.

Blind Services

The Blood Bank's donor truck will be at CIL Tuesday, June 3. Cil staff and volunteers are donating blood to help pay the blood debt of a man who is blind.

A discussion group for blind clients led by John Sapunar MSW is being started.

The Dodge which will be used by blind services will not be released by the car dealer until there is a firm financial committment from the city.

Berkeley Parks and Recreation Department wants to get involved with CIL. A cooking class emphasizing meal planning and nutrition is being arranged


The transportation department should have 4 more vehicles by July 1

Wheelchair Repair

Andy Cayting is the weekend wheelchair repair person. His schedule is Sat. and Sun 12 - 6. He will be working 2 nights a week on call.

A pushbutton gosoline power vehicle with wheelchair ranp is being developed. It will require little maintenance and be able to travel at 15 mph Wheelchair repair may get a distributorship for this vehicle

R & D

If their money does not come in by June 1 action will be taken by the R & D staff



The second training session for rehab counselors is under way. Jean asked for volunteers to house people for future sessions. Workshops to educate employers about hiring disabled people are being worked out.


A check issued through a governmental mistake made it possible to pay people sooner than expected.

R & E

2 copies of a rough draft of a phone survey are being circulated. Additions, suggestions and questions should go to Earl McKeever