The Citizens Committee for Defense of Mexican American Youth deplores attacks against the Mexican youth by organized civilian hoodlums and army and navy forces. We feel that incitement for such action comes directly from newspapers which in the last few days have run rampant in their headlines, stories and editorials.

It is because of a similar hysteria that 17 Mexican-American boys were convicted in a Los Angeles courtroom filled with prejudice and hatred, six months ago. Our Committee is now appealing this case in an effort to obtain justice for these boys.

We feel that behind the confusion created by the obvious disruptive forces in the last few days, lied a well thought-out Axis plan, carried out most successfully by Axis agents in our midst.

We believe that we owe it first of all to our Nation now locked in a death struggle against Hitlerism to get to the bottom of this outrage and to root out the rats gnawing at our vitals.

In the name of our Good Neighbor Policy, we must get to the source of this outbreak. Our Latin-American neighbots[sic] will seriously question our integrity when they learn that we mistreat and terrorize our minorities.

We believe it is imperative that all of our elected representatives, national, state and city, as well as our state law-enforcement agencies get on the job at once to make a thorough investigation and to punish the culprits for their acts of treason.


If we are to win the war and the peace for democracy, we must unite now in a concerted effort to rid ourselves of the Hitler plague on the home front.