First Meeting of the Potential Board of Directors

Those present: David Konkel, Carolyn Cathcart, John Hessler, Larry Langdon Michael Fuss, Hale Zukas, Phil Draper, Donald Lorence.

The topics discussed were:

  • Incorporation as a non-profit corporation. Meeting at the Physically Disabled Students' Program Monday, June 14 ,1:30.
  • Name of the corporation is kept at least temporarily at the Center for Independent Living.
  • Everyone but John Hessler and Michael S. Fuss are interested in serving on the Board of Directors.
  • Michael S. Fuss and John Hessler are willing and interested in working with this project and assisting it in every way.
  • John Hessler will accept a temporary chairmanship.
  • A large issue to be decided is how to locate and involve the disabled members of the community. This will be a topic to be prepared to talk about at the next meeting. Some suggested places and ways to contact community members are through the various socities (C.P., M.S., M.D., Post Polio, etc.), Easter Seals, Visiting Nurses, Public Health Nurses, Schools for the Handicapped, DVR, Social Workers, etc.
  • It is felt that more representation from community members and ways of getting their ideas should be developed.
  • There will be weekly meetings at the Physically Disabled Students' Program from 7-9:00 p.m., Thursday nights, starting June 17, 1971.