Aid to Sleepy Lagoon Boys
Mexican Consul Lauds 'Good Neighbor' Work

(People's World Los Angeles Bureau)

LOS ANGELES, July 30.—The Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee headed by Carey McWilliams today received the congratulations of the Mexican Consulate General here "for the magnificent work that you have been performing in behalf of a group of Mexicans who were sentenced by the local courts to a prison term."

The letter, signed by Consul General Colonel Vicente Peralta declared, "this consulate general has been watching carefully your work and feels that your efforts to reverse the convictions of these boys has been a valuable service to the community.

"Your work serves to show our people that the majority of citizens of this great country are sincerely interested in the welfare of the Spanish-speaking people."

Peralta assured the committee of his sincere wishes for the success of the project.

The committee, working to reverse the convictions of 12 Mexican-American boys convicted of murder in January, 1943, contends that the trial of the boys was conducted "in an atmosphere of prejudice and that the convictions were not supported by the evidence but came only as the result of appeals to anti-Mexican sentiment."

The case is pending in the second district court of appeals. A decision is expected by September. The full story of the case is available in a new publication called "Sleepy Lagoon Mystery" by Guy Endore sold on the news-stands.