24 February 1947.

Dear Bill:

Thanks for your letter of 13 February. I was terribly sorry to have missed seeing you during your recent visit to the mainland.

I have finally made the decision to transfer to the United Nations. It was a difficult decision to make and the deciding factor was really the well-being of the family. Ruth and I both felt strongly that the children would have much better educational and cultural opportunities in New York than in Washington. I felt also that a bit of experience on the international side would not be at all harmful to me. I do not look upon it as a long-enduring proposition, as I am increasingly intent on getting back to the academic fold. One very attractive offer as a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania is in prospect and there is also a possibility at the University of Chicago.

I presume that you will have met Phil Bagby by the time you receive this.

Jim Bough informed me the other day that you are impatiently awaiting the arrival of your son. I would suggest that you keep in mind the experience of one Monty Cobb.

Ruth would want to join me in cordial regards to you, Beryl and your Mother. We hope that we may be able to visit the Virgin Islands some time soon.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph J. Bunche