CAC Deficiencies, Physically Handicapped, Step 2
Account 911290

February 22, 1978


Enclosed is the draft PPG Phase I for your review and approval. The scope of work included in this project is based on the Federal 504 requirements, and the buildings selected are those classroom and administrative buildings having the heaviest student use. Similar buildings excluded from this project were Moffitt Library and Dwinelle Hall included in CAC Deficiencies, Physically Handicapped, Step 2; and the exclusions noted on page 2 of the enclosed PPG. If the proposed alterations projects for Cory, Evans, Morgan, and Wurster Halls do not go ahead, primary access for those buildings will be included in this Step 2 project. The Donner Laboratory work access will be related to the Donner Laboratory Addition, and Physical Sciences Lecture Hall access is to be included in the Step 1 CAC Deficiencies, Physically Handicapped.

Assistant Vice Chancellor
for Facilities Management
cc + Enc: G. J. Maslach
R. B. Park
S. S. Elberg
T. H. Chenoweth
F. E. Tregea
W. W. Bowman